How does it work?

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  • Get a quote

    Avoid unwelcome surprises by getting an estimate on all your monthly bill costs.
  • Customise your plan

    Stay in control and choose the bills you want to pay.
  • Invite your housemates

    No more arguements. Just set up payments and split the bill evenly.
  • You're done!

    Just sign up. That’s it. Easy right?

Join the tenants renting with Bunk today!

Keep Compliant

Save time.

No setting up bills. No dealing with multiple companies. No hassle.

No Fees. Ever.

Save money.

We charge you based on summer estimates. So even if you use more in winter, you won't be charged extra.

Rental Identity

Avoid arguments.

No more lead tenants. If someone can't pay just get in contact and we can arrange payments to suit you.