How Rengen improved marketing and operations with Bunk

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The challenge

Rengen was founded in 2007 and quickly scaled to accommodate over 500 tenants. With hundreds more beds in the pipeline, Rengen were growing quickly and so were their fees.

Ever growing fees: 
After the tenant-fee ban, Rengen’s managing agent doubled their tenant find fees to £700.

Team spread too thin: 
Property managers were spread thin and they were looking at new hires to maintain high standards.

Lack of visibility: 
It took too long to dig into different documents, emails and spreadsheets to see how their developments were performing.


The solution

Using Bunk, Rengen were able fill all of their rooms before the academic year and are managing their portfolio with insights they have never seen before.

Better service, lower price 
Exclusive access to over 1.4m students across the country who are signed up and ready to rent plus access to every major advertising portal meant that Rengen properties were in front of over 98% of UK students within 2 days of engaging with Bunk.

An app tenants love
100% of tenants would rather rent through Bunk than a letting agent. The reason? With the Bunk app, they can search, sign and secure their new home making it that much easier. With added benefits such as splitting bills between housemates, and improving their credit score with every rent payment made on time.

A platform the whole team love
Bunk has transformed how the entire team work together. The marketing team respond to viewings & offers, add guarantors and digitally sign agreements at lightning speed. Property managers can organise maintenance and respond to tenants quickly and easily. The finance team never have to chase a late rental payment or reconcile another transaction. The directors have 24/7 visibility on the reports they need to make data-driven decisions.


Payments processed


Rent collected


Saved on fees


Portfolio growth


Viewings booked


Rental offers


Tenants referenced

5 days

Time to let

“I was using a local agent to advertise my new developments. I then found Bunk and managed to save over £50,000 and improve operations in-house. The platform is easy to use and my account manager has always been on hand to answer any questions.”

Daniel Cheng
Managing Director, RENGEN

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