Residents Experience

We put your tenants’ experience at the forefront of everything we design and develop. If your residents have a poor experience using technology branded to you, this negatively affects your brand reputation and reduces your chances of retaining tenants beyond their initial agreement. A happy resident means higher occupancy and better tenant retention, leading to greater portfolio performance.

Bunk's Residents Experience

A messy, complicated lettings system is what drove us to create Bunk. Delivering a single solution to your residents that offers the provisions they need to let and live in your property means you maximise the potential brand engagement of your tenants, leading to better occupancy, higher yields and more long term residents.

One platform, end-to-end

From search to moving in

Our platform was designed with residents in mind, which is why the entire letting process can be done via our app. From finding a property, to the application, referencing and signing of a contract, Bunk has it covered. Come move in, our solution is smart enough to move from letting, to living, meaning residents have an all new dashboard showing the tenancy information, payment schedule, maintenance reporting, chats, announcements and more.


Easy integrated payments

We can either integrate your chosen payments provider straight into our app, or provide you with all the tools you need to run open banking, by connecting with your bank account to get full visibility on your payments. Not only do we have multiple payment forms integrated into our platform, but we partner with Experian to ensure your residents are given even more reason to pay on time.

Key Reminders

Keep on top of all key events

We know just how easy it is to forget or miss a key date or important piece of information, whether that is in your day to day or as part of securing a property. This is why we’ve created automations and reminders across different touch points within our platform. Whether this is automated payment date reminders, or a nudge to sign their AST, the system automatically pushes out these all important notifications via the platform, SMS & email so residents cannot miss a thing.

Community Living

Not just a home but a lifestyle

More and more, we are seeing a desire from tech forward BtR, PBSA & Co-Living operators to deliver a digital integration with their physical assets. This is why we have an integrated community management platform, allowing you to run everything from community events & social groups, to parcel management, local business partnerships & keyless entry.

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Connect your PMS with the tools you already use

We don’t want to replace the tools that you’re happy with, so we have built our solution to fit into your workflow, not the other way around. Our powerful API can have your solutions sit within our framework, ensuring your data is accessible through 1 system only.

Explore more powerful Bunk products

Property Management

Our flexible software can handle easch step of the rental journey from advertising to move-in with complete visibility.

Payments and Analytics

Bunk gives you access to live payments data, so your accountants no longer spend days ticking off income statements. 

Marketing and Leasing

Get viewings and offers straight to you with pre-screened tenants. Making referencing and digital signing quick and easy.


Impressing your tenants is key. We offer a seamless journey from searching to signing making them feel part of a community.

Use Bunk to help improve your residents experience

Our fully scalable, flexible, and easy-to-use PMS is built to empower your property managers to run their portfolio efficiently.