A well-maintained garden has always been a unique selling point for rental properties, but never more so than now. As the UK remains in lockdown, landlords and property managers have seen a huge increase in searches for properties to let with outdoor spaces. In fact, in April, Rightmove recorded a 26% increase in searches for rental properties with gardens in comparison to the same week in 2019.

What does this tell us? Well, now more than ever, tenants want to rent properties with an attractive outdoor space – and this is a search trend set to continue even after lockdown restrictions have been lifted. 

This is a great opportunity to tackle any garden maintenance issues that need your attention. What’s more, it’s also a sign that it’s time to upgrade the garden in any rental properties you manage. Here are five simple yet effective ways to do so.

garden flowerbed

Add a pop of colour with flower beds

There’s a reason why flowers are so popular! They look pretty, smell great, and can bring life to any space. Flower beds are also a useful landscaping tool as they can be used to create borders and pathways – a simple trick utilised to bring structure to an otherwise bare garden. 

There are many gorgeous flowers to consider, but it’s best to opt for low-maintenance shrubs that tenants won’t need to worry about. Lavender, geraniums and hydrangeas are all great options for busy people!

garden bench

Create an outdoor seating area

When tenants view a property, they want to picture themselves living there. Setting up an outdoor seating area is an effective way to inspire their imagination while sprucing up your garden. 

You don’t have to invest in an expensive pergola to do this, either. Arranging colourful chairs around an outdoor table can be enough to transform an empty corner of the garden! 

Fence hanging pot

Decorate the garden fence

Taking advantage of the garden’s fencing is a great way to bring charm to the space and make it feel bigger. Hanging flower baskets or fitting a trellis for plants to wind through are two simple yet effective ways to decorate the property’s fence and make the garden feel more homely.

If the rental property doesn’t have a garden fence, it’s time to install one. Tenants will appreciate the privacy and extra safety measure, especially if you typically rent to families.  

garden patio

Lay down a patio 

Installing a patio is another subtle way to encourage potential tenants to imagine themselves living in the property. If there’s a patio suitable for dining outdoors or having a barbecue in the summer months, it’s much easier for viewers to feel excited about the prospect of living there. 

Additionally, installing a stylish patio can add structure to the garden and create the illusion of additional space. Patios also require less maintenance than lawn, which can be a big selling point for busy tenants.


Create a wildlife garden 

Creating a wildlife garden can be as simple as planting wildlife-friendly flowers and fixing a bird box, but the results can be significant for properties in built-up areas. Spotting birds or butterflies in the garden instantly makes a property feel more homely and connected to nature, which is something many tenants look for. 

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