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What's included?

Tenant App - Rent Bunk

Tenant App

Everything you need to rent on one easy-to-use app. Search, sign and secure you next home in a few clicks.

No Fees. Ever. - Rent Bunk

No Fees. Ever.

Bunk was born out of frustration with fees. We never charge tenants fees for moving-in and never will.

Deposit Free Option - Rent Bunk

Deposit Free Option

No more deposits taking a chunk out of your savings. Choose to rent deposit free from as little as £15 per month.

Optional Extras - Rent Bunk

Optional Extras

We all know bills are a pain. Now you can set them up before you move-in and split them between your housemates.

Build Credit History - Rent Bunk

Build Credit History

We’ve partnered with Experian so each rent payment made in-app will help build your credit history.

Rental Identity - Rent Bunk

Rental Identity

Bunk Passport offers a unique way to show your credentials as a renter to future landlords by sharing your rental history.

Renting Deposit Free

Deposit Free Renting

As a tenant, you can move in an instant without the hassle of paying an expensive security deposit.

Huge Savings

Use that extra cash to rent a nicer place, go to that festival this summer or even save towards your dream home.

Keeping It Fair

At the end of the tenancy, you pay for any damage caused. We involve unbiased arbitrators to settle claims fairly.

How does it work?

Before moving in

  • 1

    Find your perfect property

    Use Bunk to search for your next rental property. You can make your offer in-app and select which deposit type you would like to rent with.

  • 2

    Select & Review

    If you wish to rent deposit free, select the Bunk Deposit Replacement Guarantee and review the policy. Provide your direct debit details for the monthly fee and you’re set.

  • 3

    Enjoy your new home

    That’s it. You’re good to move in with a little extra cash in your pocket. Pay less and avoid the hassle.

After moving out

  • 4

    Check-out review

    After the inventory and check-out have been completed, any claims will be submitted by your landlord. If nothing is claimed, the guarantee will expire.

  • 5

    Dispute resolution

    Just like a deposit, you can negotiate with your landlord. If disputes can’t be settled, then claims will be assessed by an independent arbitrator.

  • 6

    Settle any claims

    Any claims found in the landlord’s favour will be settled and paid for by you, so look after your property. Non-payment may impact your credit history.