Our Story

Bunk was born out of a frustration that the rental market was broken. We set out to change that…

Technology has changed a lot in our lives. Yet, for something as important as putting a roof over your head, renting is still unnecessarily difficult.

Plagued with high fees, poor service and relentless paperwork. It’s no surprise landlords and tenants are fed up.

This is why we founded Bunk. Our mission? To empower landlords and tenants and make renting work for everyone.

Here at Bunk, we’re doing things differently. We’re focused on transforming the way landlords let and manage property and making it easy, affordable and stress-free for tenants to rent.

An app for landlords. An app for tenants. Providing you with all the tools to manage everything under one roof – without the need for agents. It’s simple.
For too long, landlords haven’t trusted tenants and tenants haven’t trusted landlords whilst the people sat in the middle profit handsomely. We bring the people who matter together and building trust through transparency.

We’ve spent two years building the tech and are now ready to bring the benefits directly to you. We empower landlords and tenants to take control. From listings, viewings, offers, references, contracts, deposits, payments and more… you can handle it all in-app.

Our job is to make your lives easier. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, we’re here to help. We will continue to build a better future for landlords and tenants and we want your help to do so.

Join our community of landlords and tenants today and help us shape the future of renting: www.rentbunk.com

Making renting better for everyone

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